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PC Cable for EOS NET/DUO Series Chargers

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Part Number: HP-EOS06-PCCBL

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Harness to fit between HP-TI-PRGUSB USB-to-Serial Adapter and EOSxx NET/DUO Series Chargers, for PC connections (does NOT fit NET3 and DUO3 Type Chargers). To connect a Hyperion Balance Charger with Data Port to PC, you will need: This Harness, HP-EOS06-PCCBL

* HP-TI-PRGUSB USB-to-Serial Adapter

Once Connected to PC, these functions would be available

Chargers EOS0610i/EOS0720i NET and EOS0610i DUO

- Firmware Upgrades(see upgrade manual for connection details)
- PC Logging Software