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Align F3C Metal Control Lever / Silver AL-H70002QF

Old Price: $13.44

Special Price: $6.72

Part Number: AL-H70002QF

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Use for T-REX 700E F3C


  • Metal washout control arm x 2
  • Metal SF mixing arm x 2
  • Socket button head screw x 4(M3x12mm)
  • Socket screw x 4(M2x5mm)
  • Linkage ball C(M3x3.5) x 4(?5x8.5mm)
  • Linkage ball B(M3x4) x 2(?5x12mm)
  • Bearing 683ZZ x 8(?3x?7x3mm)
  • Bearing FMR52ZZ x 4(?2x?5x2.3mm)
  • Radius arm x 2
  • Collar x 4(?3x?4.9x1.5mm)
  • Washer x 8(?3x?4.8x0.3mm)