HK4225-610 Motor (Limited Edition) / Kv=610

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The Scorpion HK-4225-610* Limited Edition motor for use on 600 class helicopters running on 10-cell Li-Po power. This motor represents the most technologically advanced power source ever offered for a 600 class electric helicopter. Each of the new HK-4225 Limited Edition motor is wound with a single strand of 16 AWG (1.3mm) wire for the highest possible efficiency. This motor is capable of running continuously at an input power of 3000 watts at 80 amps, and can handle peak inputs of 4800 watts and 130 amps.

See specs and details in the data as follows.

HK4225-610 DATA

HK4225-610 Spec,Stator Diameter: 42mm(1.65 in),Stator Thickness: 25mm(0.98 in),No. of Stator Arms: 12,No. of Stator Poles: 8,Motor Wind: 10 Turn Delta,Motor Wire: 1-Strand 1.3 mm,Motor Kv: 610KV RPM/Volt,No-Load Current(Io/10V): 1.79 A,Motor Resistance(RM): 0.017 Ohms,Max Continuous Current: 80 A,Max Continuous Power: 3000 W,Weight: 390g(13.76 oz),Outside Diameter: 51.4mm(2.02 in),Shaft Diameter: 5.98mm(0.24 in),Body Length: 52.6mm(2.07 in),Overall Shaft Length: 92.2mm(3.63 in),Max Lipo Cell: 10s,Motor Timing: 5deg,Drive Frequency: 8kHz