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Align 600 Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit / Blue AL-H60133AH


Part Number: AL-H60133AH

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Available: 2 Shipping Info*


Use for T-REX 600E/600N
The parts of Metal Tail Torque Tube Unit and Metal Tail Belt Unit can not be used universally mutually


Metal plate(L) x 1
Metal plate(R) x 1
Metal tail unit set x 1
Tail rotor shaft assembly x 1
Aluminum bolt x 1(?4.98x24mm)
Rear umbrella gear(20T) x 1(?21.2x24.65mm)
Bushing x 1(?12.4x?18x10mm)
Bearing MR105ZZ x 2(?5x?10x4mm)
Bearing 6701ZZ x 2(?12x?18x4mm)
700N vertical stabilizer mount x 1(?4.9x7.5x35mm)
Socket button head collar screw x 2(M3x22mm)
Socket button head screw x 6(M3x6mm)
M3 special washer x 2(?3x?8x2mm)