Standard Collet Adapter for HUB 12C with 4.0mm Shaft

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This is the Standard Collet adaptor for use with VarioProp 12C type Hub. The 12C HUB comes with an 8mm center hole, and can therefore be directly mounted on any motor or gearbox with 8mm shaft, such as Hacker ACRO Series, or AXI 41xx Series using Radial mount, etc.. For motors with 5mm shaft this Collet adaptor makes a perfect fit without any adjustments. Also available for shaft with O.D 4.0mm, 5.0mm, and 6.0mm dia. These come in "standard" length, which can fit the VarioProp Spinner Nut, or "long" type to allow fitting a spinner. Any spinner with 8mm hole and backplate which mounts from the front of the prop can be used with the long collets.

Included with the package:

  • Standard Collet Adapter for HUB 12C with 4.0mm Shaft x 1


  • Type: Steel-Collet Chuck (Standard)
  • Size: 12C only
  • Shaft-Diameter (Hub): 4.0 Millimeter
  • Weight: 10.6 g


  • Explanations: All adjustable `12C´ hubs has an 8mm clearance hole and can easy mount on a threaded shaft with M8 and a minimum length of 28mm. If your motor shaft has a metric thread M6, please order Item-No.: 1260. The 8mm clearance hole of this hub ends with an conical part. So if your motor has a flat steel shaft diameter you only would need a Collet-Chuck. For fixing a spinner with back-plate you do need the long Collet-Chuck
  • Content of one packet: One Precision hub, CNC-machined with integrated ground adjustable pitch gear. This hub comes with ball-screwdriver, measuring scale, pointer pin, decals and instructions in English.