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Slowfly 7.1" Blade (1 Blade) for Hub 6A

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Part Number: VP-06A-PROP-G181

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VarioProp from Germany - THE answer to the propeller dilemma!

Electric flight requires careful matching of the motor, battery, gear reduction, and propeller. Very often, though, the propeller you need just doesn't exist - they have 10.5"x 6", but not the 10.5"x 7" you need, and so on... If you need a 3-blade, 4-blade, or scale propeller... forget it, you'll just have to "settle" for something less than optimum.

But not anymore! VarioProp Hub & Blade systems give you hub sizes in 2, 3, and 4-blade configurations with an ingenious system for adjusting blade pitch. Hub 12C only weighs 20 grams and allows adjustment from 4" to 15" of pitch. It comes in variations to fit 4.0mm to 8.0mm motor/gearbox shafts. With three types of blades for (speed, scale, and slowfly), you have infinite possibilities - and the certainty that you can find the perfect propeller for your electric model.

VarioProp costs a little more up front, but remember that you'll never spend money on props you can't use. Instead of buying three props to test, you buy one VarioProp and turn the little screw 'till your model flies just right. When you break a blade, you buy one blade ($1.20 or $1.80), not a $4 to $20 propeller. You can also use the same hub with same blades for a pusher.

From S400 pylon racers to B-17 bombers, VarioProp works. Try one! Even more important, they look great and make your fellow modelers envious.

Included with the package:

  • Slowfly 7.1" (1 Blade) for Hub 6A x 1


  • Size: 6A
  • Prop-Diameter (Blade): 7.1"/ 18.10 cm
  • Weight: 2.98 g
  • RPM max (Blade): 9.600 RPM
  • Comment: Right handed, Electric Prop only

Explanations for blades:

  • D = Direct power | G = Gearbox
  • SG = Scale-Optic for gearbox
  • RPM = Revolutions per minute
  • (lh) = left-handed | (rh) = right-handed