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Atlas DS09 GMD Digital Micro Servo (High Speed)


Part Number: HP-DS09-GMD

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Hyperion ATLAS Digital, Programmable Servos are among the finest servos in the world. They are made strictly to Hyperion specifications at one of the foremost electronics companies in South Korea, from components made only in Japan and South Korea. The gears - a key element in any quality servo - are made to exceedingly fine specifications. The metal gears used in ATLAS servos are extremely tough and - because they are produced with very tight specifications - are also quiet, smooth working, have low-lash and are long-lasting. These are simply the best servos you can buy at any price, and a great value too.

Hyperion ATLAS have some rather large advantages compared to other Digital Servos on the market. They are fully programmable for a wide variety of settings, using an inexpensive USB adapter cable. Perfect centering, top ball bearings, available in tough CarbonPoly or all-Metal gear train, Digital torque and precision, and full programmability all put the "control" back in your Radio Control!

THe DS09 GMD series is a High Speed lightweight digital servo (8.4g) and well suits small airplanes and helicopters wanting to take the high speed advantage in a small size.


  • Light weight High Speed fully programmable digital servo
  • Twin Ball-Bearing support
  • Supports 4.8-6.0V
  • Light Metal gear train, long lasting
  • Rotation in degrees, Adjustable 30° to 140° total 90° default (45° each way)
  • Adjustable travel speed from 1% to 100% of Rated Speed (100% default)
  • Programmable with free PC software connected via USB adapter (HP-AT-PRGUSB)

Included with the package:

  • Atlas DS09 GMD Digital Micro Servo (High Speed) x 1
  • Horns & Accessories set


  • Servo series: SMD Servo
  • Category: High Speed
  • Type: Digital
  • Motor: 3 pole ferrite
  • Gear Train primary material: Light Metal
  • Speed:
    • @4.8V: 0.06 sec/60°
    • @5.5V: 0.05 sec/60°
  • Dynamic torque:
    • @4.8V: 0.8 kg/cm
    • @5.5V: 1.0 kg/cm
  • Holding torque:
    • @4.8V: 1.6 kg/cm
    • @5.5V: 2.0 kg/cm
  • Connector type: Universal
  • Dimensions: 23.0 x 9.0 x 22.8mm
  • Weight: 0.29oz / 8.4g

Note: Atlas Digital Servos are programmable for a wide variety of settings, via either a USB Adapter or by Emeter II. See the Manuals and Support Tab for more details for Full Specifications and Programming Guide.