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Gear for Atlas DS13-TCB Servo (Type B)

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Part Number: HP-DS13GEAR-TCB-B

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Servo gear stripping is a common during heavy crashes! Now replace your stripped, damaged gears easily with this replacement kit for Atlas DS13-TCB Servo (Type B).

Includes a complete replacement set of Carbonpoly gears. The Carbon Poly composite uses a mix of long-polymer plastics and carbon fiber, which more than doubles the shear strength and reduces wear and tear compared to normal plastic gears.

The replacement gear set effectively doubles your servos life!

Included with the package:

  • Gear Set for Atlas DS13-TCB Servo (Type B) x 1


  • Material: CarbonPoly


There are two versions of Hyperion DS13 servo. They differ according to the orientation of D-cut surface the inside motor has.

Look at the lot number printed at the side of your servo and choose gear set Type ‘A’ if yours is: S010008K or S040008K
Or choose gear set Type ‘B’ for the servo other than these numbers. See DETAILS to choose correct version for your servo