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Split-Pack Adapter for Jst EH Based Chargers, 6S (3S+3S)

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Part Number: HP-EOSLBA-SP06EH

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This 6S split adaptor lets you connect two 3S lipos to one connection for serial charging or charge a 6S split pack of high capacity. With this super useful adapter you can easily charge your 6S battery with any standard 6S capable balance charger that accepts JST-EH balance plugs. This adapter takes the two 3S individual plugs from your pack, and combines them to one single 6S balance plug which is able to connect to most standard 6S capable chargers.

Included with the package:

  • Split-Pack Adapter for JST-EH Based Chargers, 6S (3S+3S) x 1


  • Type: Split balance adaptor
  • Main Connector: 6S
  • Charge connector: 2x3S
  • Compatible lipo: 6S (Split pack)