Waypoint E3020 Outrunner Motor (1115Kv)

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The Waypoint E30 Series represent a leap forward in powerful, yet affordable, Brushless outrunner motors for model aircrafts. From front to back they have been engineered to suit your needs. The retainer on the front side of the motor shaft is not only more secure than the typical circlip, but also allows to effortlessly change to backward mounting configuration, where the short section of 5mm shaft at rear of the motor means that a variety of standard 5mm collet adapters are available to customize your installation and fit spinners. You will also find that double sets of M3 mounting holes - on 19mm and 25mm centers - fit the mounts on virtually any ARF model aircraft, No extra drilling of fiddling to make it work!

The main motor components are made from CNC machined aluminum alloy and the rotor housing from highly impermeable steel for highest magnetic efficiency. Fully rounded magnets with high temperature rating insure that the motors stay reliable. For extra insurance against overheating, the Vector Cooling system pulls in a steady stream of cool air through the motor. This not only prevents damage but increases efficiency and therefore extra power delivered throughout your flights.


  • CNC machined aluminum alloy
  • Vector Cooling design dissipates heat
  • High temperature rating magnets
  • Hardware pack included
  • 3.5mm Gold Male/Female connectors included
Included with the package:
  • Waypoint E3020-12 Outrunner Motor (1115Kv) x 1


  • Kv: 1115
  • Current: 40A Max Continous
  • LiPo: 2S-3S
  • Length: 37.4mm
  • IoA@6V: 2.21
  • RM: 27mOhm
  • Weight: 155g
  • Propeller: 2S-12x8E, 14x7E / 3S-10x5E, 11x5.5E