H3025 Series Outrunner Motor (815Kv)

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Hyperion H3025 Out-runner Motor Series, for all aircraft, but designed especially for RC helicopters such as Hirobo Lepton. H30 motors weigh 186 grams including cast aluminum cooling fan and 3.5mm Gold connectors pre-soldered to the motor wires. Female 3.5mm connectors and shrink tube come included in the package along with 4 M3 screws. Note: Unlike the airplane-specific Z30 Hyperion motors, the H30 Series motors have both sets of mounting screw holes with 25mm spacing (Z30 have one set at 19mm spacing, one at 25mm). The most popular installations of the H30 motor is in the Hirobo Lepton Heli, with H3025-10 motor on 4S 3700-4200mAh battery and stock pinion gear. Some also use the H3025-08 in Lepton as a 3S motor, or on 4S with appropriate gearing. Both the 8T and 10T versions of the motor are also good for model airplanes, especially when extra cooling is a concern.

Included in the package:

  • H3025 Series Outrunner Motor (815Kv) x 1


  • KV: 815
  • Lipo: 3s or 4s
  • Amps: 65 Max
  • Max Power: 1150 Watts
  • Winding: 10 Turn
  • Resistance: 0.019 Ohm
  • ESC: 45 to 70 amp (70 amp Recommended)
  • Weight 186 g = 7oz
  • outside diameter: 37mm
  • length: 50m