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Canopy Covers for 40 Size, one piece

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Part Number: HP-BAGCAN-040

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Model aircraft canopies when exposed to heat for long time are prone to deform. The Hyperion Canopy cover protects your model aircraft canopy from the scorching sun and dust. Made from heat-reflective silver mylar plastic, with air cushioning to provide extra safety and resist impact during transport. They protect your model from dust, impact damage, and from the summer heat.


  • Heat-reflective silver mylar plastic
  • Air cushioning resists impact during transport
  • Protects Canopies from dust, damage and heat
  • Fits most 40 size models

Included with the package:

  • Canopy Cover for 40 Size, one piece x 1


  • Dimensions(AxBxCxD): 17x16x55x28cm