Z5025 Outrunner Motor (200Kv)

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The new Z50 Series Hyperion Outrunners are big brothers to the immensely popular Z30 motors, and share their quality in materials and design. From front to back, only the highest quality materials and components are used. The arrangement of twelve stator poles and fourteen magnet poles is primarily responsible for the high torque on direct drive Z50 Series. Suitable for 60~90 Class glow models (4-cycle 91 to 120), in the weight range of 4.0~8.0Kg (8.8~18 lbs.), depending on the model type. Typical glow conversion models will weigh 9.5~14lbs, and use 8S to 10S lithium at 45A~75A peak for large loops from level flight and strong climbing ability.

Hand wound stators in an optimal pattern for copper packing, means less resistance for a given number of turns. CNC processed stator plates, that insures uniformity and made from Japanese silicon steel with superior permeability at high induction, which makes the motors run more efficiently. Lastly the stator plates are finished with a lifetime anti-oxidant coating, to eliminate losses which can occur due to magnetic shorting from corrosion.

The magnets especially made for the Z Series motors, are rounded on both sides. Resulting in 100% surface contact area with the bell, resulting in two benefits: First, maximum heat dissipation. Second, Increase in the magnetic flux lines. This means higher efficiency, lower incidence of motor stalling, and smoother starts. The magnets are the latest type, featuring both an extremely high temperature rating and high magnetic strength. They are retained by fingers in the bell-end, and attached with a special high-temp glue made for the Japanese space program, making it almost impossible to loosen when running at high loads.

Finally, the high-speed, shielded stainless steel bearings are made by NMB Japan; expensive for Hyperion to install, but well worth it for smoothness and longevity. One of the most important design features, is the large ring bearing which supports the rotating bell at the front of the motor. Thereby greatly reduce the chances of magnet-adhesion failures.


  • Twelve stator's and fourteen magnet poles for high torque
  • Hand winding in an optimal pattern for less resistance
  • High temperature rating magnets with curve on both sides
  • Japanese silicon steel CNC processed Stator plates with Anti-oxide coating
  • Large ring bearing support for the outrunner bell
  • High-speed, shielded stainless bearings made by NMB Japan
  • Designed specially for Glow to Electric conversion models
  • Two way mounting system to suit different model setups

Included with the package:

  • Z5025 Outrunner Motor (200Kv) x 1
  • Complete Hardware Accessories pack x 1


  • Type: 5025-24
  • Motor Kv: 200 RPM / Volt
  • No. of Stator Arms: 12
  • Magnet Poles; 14
  • Motor Wind: 14 Turn
  • No Load Io (@8.4V): 1.30 Amps
  • Motor Resistance (Rm): 0.038 Ω
  • Max Peak Current (30sec): 70 Amps
  • Max Efficient Current: 50Amps
  • Max Continuous Power: 1500W~1800W (2200W short time)
  • Motor Diameter: 59.0 mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 8.0 mm
  • Motor Length: 61.0 mm
  • Shaft Length: 30 mm
  • Max Lipo Cell: 8-10S
  • Weight: 595 g
  • Suggested Propeller: 10S/20x11E

Note: The Hyperion Titan ESC are a perfect match for the motors:

  • TITAN-80-PO for Z4020 and Z4025 4S to 5S lithium
  • HP-TITAN-90HV-P0 for any Z40 on 5S to 10S lithium
  • Use 4.0mm Gold bullet connectors for Motor<>ESC
  • We recommend Dean's Ultra for Battery<>ESC connections

Keep in mind that, with certain battery/motor combinations, the Z40 motors are capable of over-driving "Electric" version props like APC "E" series. As such, you may consider using APC SPORT, APC PATTERN, or Wood props made for IC engines in that case. STAY BEHIND THE ROTATING PROP AT ALL TIMES!!