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Spektrum serial receiver


Part Number: AH-SPMAR7700

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Made for multiroter

Three Output Options.One Connector.
The AR7700 is compatible with many of the most popular flight controllers and gives users three connection options to choose from: Serial (SRXL), PPM and Remote Receiver. Just plug a single connector into the receiver port that supports the option you want to use and connect it to your flight controller.

Two AUX Ports And A Gear Port.
The AR7700 includes extra ports that let you run functions like retractable landing gear, lights or gimbal control directly from the receiver.

Remote Receiver Included
A small remote receiver is included for larger multi-rotor applications that could use the redundancy and path diversity of patented MultiLink™ technology. By mounting the remote receiver away from the main receiver with a different antenna orientation, the odds of experiencing signal fade from signal reflection or antenna polarization are substantially reduced.

Access to All Your Channels
When using the SRXL and Remote Receiver connections, the AR7700 will allow you to tap into as many channels as your transmitter can support. The PPM connection can support up to 8 channels.

Broad Compatibility

The AR7700 will work with these and many other multi-rotor flight controllers.

Controller Compatible AR7700 Receiver Modes
Pixhawk PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
Vector PPM
BrainFPV PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
CC3D PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
Naze32 PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
KK2.1.5 PPM
Multiwii SE 2.5 PPM
Naza M Lite PPM
Naza M V2 PPM
Naze32 Acro PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
Quanton PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
Revo PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
Sparky PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
SP Racing F3 PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)
Vortex Quad PPM, DSM (SRXL or Remote Receiver)

CC3D: Connect to the GND, 5V and RX line from the main or flex port on the CC3D to the Remote Rx port on the AR7700 to run DSM.

SP Racing F3: Connect the 3 pin servo connector on the 8 pin JST-SH cable to the IO2 port on the SP Racing F3 to the Remote Rx port on the AR7700 to run DSM.

Vortex Racing Quad: Connect the PPM cable from the Vortex to the PPM port on the AR7700.

Naze32 rev6: Connect to the GND, 5v, and pin 4 from the Naze to the Remote Rx port on the AR7700 to use DSM .

Perfect Match for AirWare Multi-Rotor Programming
Dedicated Multi-rotor Airware available for all Spektrum generation 2 transmitters including the DX6, DX7, DX9, DX18G2 and DX18 Stealth. This software upgrade was designed specifically for the multirotor enthusiast and offers tailored programming and setup options for multirotor platforms. Log onto the Spektrum community site to check for the latest AirWare updates for your transmitter.


  • Type: Serial receiver
  • Model Type: Multirotor
  • Channels: 8, 18
  • Number of Receivers: 1 (Optional remote receiver makes 2)
  • Modulation: DSM2, DSMX
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Flight Log Compatible: Yes
  • Water-Resistant: No
  • Rev Limiter: No
  • Telemetry: Compatible
  • Bind Method: Bind Plug
  • Failsafe: Yes
  • Length: 1.17 in (29.8mm)
  • Width: 1.15 in (29.3mm)
  • Height: 0.45 in (11.5mm)
  • Weight: 0.32 oz (9.15g); 0.49 oz (13.75g) with remote receiver
  • Input Voltage: 3.5–9.6V
  • Resolution: 2048
  • Antenna Length: 6.97 in (177mm)
  • Range: Full
  • Data Port: Yes