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EOS Sentry3 2~8S Battery Checker & Balancer, with Store Mode Discharge

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Part Number: HP-EOS08SENT3

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The Latest 2016 Model Hyperion Sentry 3 Battery Balancer, Checker, and Discharger

The EOS Sentry3 is a quick, clever, and convenient device for analyzing your batteries. The Sentry3 shows at a glance the remaining capacity in your battery pack, cell balance, cell voltages and gap. Stand-alone Balance and Store Modes at industry-leading discharge performance. Sentry 3 provides the information and tools you need to maintain top performance and reliability from your batteries, and to avoid costly mistakes.


  • 2S ~ 8S Battery compatible with HvLi LiPo, Standard LiPo, LiFe, NiCd, and NiMh capable
  • EOS Sentry 3 displays the total battery pack voltage and a percentage bar graph for estimated remaining capacity.?Estimated remaining capacity percentage is only a guide so pleased judge by remaining voltage.
  • View screens for Minimum and Maximum cell voltages, and max cell Gap
  • Store Mode allows you to discharge your battery to 3.8V (Discharge rate is a powerful 150mah,This mode does NOT support LiFe battery)
  • Balance Mode tunes your pack for performance automatically
  • 5 ~ 25V auxiliary input voltage check port using JST 2-pin connectors on pack side
  • Large clear display and easy-to-use menu
  • Powered from the battery pack you connect for testing. No batteries needed for device.

Store Mode: Allows you to discharge your HvLi, LiPo to 3.8V for storage. Discharge rate for Store mode is 150mah and will cutoff to 3.8V.
?NOTE: Display screen turns off when store mode ends. Please disconnect the Battery when finished the Store mode.?This mode does NOT support LiFe?

Balance Mode: Will automatically discharge the individual lithium-based cells such that they are closely balanced, if balance can be obtained while all cells remain at or above 3.8V.
?NOTE: Please disconnect the battery when the voltage of each cells reach almost same.

?This battery checker is compatible with JST-XH balance adapter when you use directly otherwise require each type of balance board adapter.

  • In order to use Sentry 3 with the legacy Hyperion G3 packs with Hyperion-style balance connector, connect the battery Sentry 3 via HP-EOSLBA-26CBL cable + HP-EOSLBA-26HP-B multi-adapter board or HP-EOSLBA-7UCBL cable + HP-EOSLBA-7U-B multi-adapter board.
  • These cable&adapter sets are included with Hyperion 6S and 7S chargers. Hyperion G3 packs produced after mid-2014 and all Hyperion G6 HvLi packs use XH balance connectors and need no adapters to the Sentry 3.

? NiMh can be checked between 5V?25V using JST connector. JST connector with cable (click here) can be used to make an adapter to other-type pack connectors

?This battery checker is compatible with JST-XH balance adapter when you use directly otherwise require each type of balance board adapter.

?NiMh can be checked within 5?25V with JST connecting.