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Arduino Compatible LCD 1602 Module IIC/I2C (Blue)

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Part Number: HP-AMO-LCD1602B

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This is another great blue backlight LCD display. As the pin resources of Arduino controller is limited, your project may be not able to use normal LCD shield after connected with a certain quantity of sensors or SD card. However, with this I2C interface LCD module, you will be able to realize data display via only 2 wires. If you have I2C devices in your project, then this LCD module actually cost no more resources at all. It is fantastic for Arduino based project.

This 16 character by 2 line display has a very clear and high contrast white text upon a blue background/backlight. It also includes a serial I2C/IIC adaptor board pre-soldered to the back of the LCD. This means it can be controlled with just 2 I2C serial data pins (SDA & SCL) and so requires far less digital IO pins when controlled from a microcontroller. In total the module only requires 4 wires including 5V power and GND. Contrast adjustment is also provided by the daughter board via a potentiometer.


  • 2.6" LCD display, supports IIC / I2C interface
  • Allows remote panel mounting
  • Requires only 2 IO pins.
  • Supports DIY Arduino based project

Included in the package:

  • Arduino Compatible LCD 1602 Module IIC/I2C (Blue) x 1


  • I2C Address: 0x3F
  • Backlight Display: White character on blue background
  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Size: 82x35x18 mm
  • Interface: IIC / I2C (connected by DuPont Line)


  • 1 - GND
  • 2 - VCC (+5V)
  • 3 - SDA
  • 4 - SCL


These modules are currently supplied with a default I2C address of either 0x27 or 0x3F. To determine which version you have check the black I2C adaptor board on the underside of the module. If there a 3 sets of pads labelled A0, A1, & A2 then the default address will be 0x3F. If there are no pads the default address will be 0x27.

The module has a contrast adjustment pot on the underside of the display. This may require adjusting for the screen to display text correctly.

If pressure is applied to the I2C daughter board it is possible for it to bend and come contact with the LCD module. Please ensure when the LCD is installed in your application that no external object is applying pressure to the back of the module.

*This is not a genuine Arduino product