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Arduino Compatible Light Detection Photo Sensor Module

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Part Number: HP-ASE-LGHT

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The Light sensor module come with the basic components for light detection. Use it to detect the light brightness in your environment and automatically switch OFF or ON lights? Or maybe to adjust the brightness of LED for your house? It comes with digital and analog output. You can adjust the threshold (sensitivity) of digital output by tuning the on board varible resistor (potentiometer). Simple use it as it has a digital output, so you will know if the light is preset and decide what to do with it. Check the schematic for more details.

Comes with a M3 mounting hole for ease of attaching it to any object. On board LDR, provides a high sensitivity and commonly being used for light detection. The module comes with power LED and status LED as indicator. It can be interfaced with any microcontroller with digital input such as PIC, SK40C, SK28A, SKds40A, Arduino series for light brightness detection. Also, not to forget, interface with Relay module offer light switch.


  • Uses stable LM393 comparator chip
  • Detect ambient brightness and light intensity
  • Adjustable sensitivity (via blue digital potentiometer adjustment)
  • Mounting hole provided for easy installation
  • Arduino compatible
  • Power indicator (red) and the digital switch output indicator (green)

Included with the package:

  • Arduino Compatible Light Detection Photo Sensor Module x 1


  • Operating voltage 3.3V-5V
  • Output Type
    • Analog voltage output -A0
    • Digital switching outputs (0 and 1) -D0
  • Dimension: 3cm x 1.6cm

Pin outs:

  • External 3.3V-5V VCC
  • External GND GND
  • DO digital output interface, a small plate (0 and 1)
  • AO small board analog output interface

Note:* Comes with female to female jumper wire.

How to use:

Photosensitive resistor module is most sensitive to environmental light intensity and is generally used to detect the ambient brightness and light intensity.
When light conditions or light intensity reach the set threshold, DO port output is high, when the external ambient light intensity exceeds a set threshold, the module D0 output is low
Digital output D0 is directly connected to the MCU, and detect high or low TTL, thereby detecting ambient light intensity changes
Digital output module DO can directly drive the relay module, which can be composed of a photoelectric switch
Analog output module AO and AD modules can be connected through the AD converter, you can get a more accurate light intensity value.


*This product is not produced or endorsed by Arduino.