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Arduino Compatible Vibration Switch Sensor Module

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Part Number: HP-ASE-VIB

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This switch at rest is open (off) state when it subjected to an external force touch with a appropriate shaking force, or its movement speed reaches appropriate centrifugal force (eccentric) heart, conductive pins will be in instantaneous conduction state to change the electrical characteristics, and when the external force disappears, electrical characteristics recovery to be open (off) state.


  • No direction, any angle can trigger the work
  • Sensitivity switches can be selected for the trigger sensitivity according circuit requirements
  • This switch is suitable for the trigger of the small current circuit

Included in the package:

  • Arduino Compatible Vibration Switch Sensor Module x1


  • Component type: SW-18015P
  • Maximum voltage: 12 (V)
  • Rated heating current: 20m (A)

Connecting to the Arduino:

  • Pin - = GND, connect to GND of the Arduino
  • Pin (middel pin) +5 v, connect to Arduino +5
  • Pin S signal, connect to Arduino pin 10

Note: When there is vibration the Arduino LED on pin 13 flashes.

*This product is not produced or endorsed by Arduino.