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Arduino Compatible MEGA Sensor Shield

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Part Number: HP-ASH-MEGA

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The Mega sensor shield v2.0 allows you to hoop up the sensors directly to Arduino Mega 1280, Arduino Mega 2560 or Arduino Mega ADK without the use of the breadboard. It also expand the Mega with Bluetooth module communication interface ,SD card module communication interface, APC220 radio-frequency module communication interface, RB URF v1.1 ultrasonic sensor interface and ICSP interface. easy to use for extension. Mega Sensor Shield V2.0 pinout all of the Arduino digital and analog interface. Open-source IDE can be downloaded for free (currently for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux)


  • Sensor Shield allows you to connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, potentiometers
  • Pinout on all of the digital and analog interface
  • Support I2C interface
  • Support 32 road Servo Motor Drive Shield interface
  • Support bluetooth module communication interface
  • Support SD card module communication interface
  • Support APC220 wireless RF modules communication interface
  • Support RB URF ultrasonic sensors interface
  • Support LCD serial and parallel interface
  • Support for all kinds of interface and can be fully compatible with Arduino Mega

Included with the package:

  • Arduino Compatible MEGA Sensor Shield x 1


  • Architecture: Arduino
  • Operating voltage: 5v DC
  • PCB Size: 10cm x 5.5cm

*This is not a genuine Arduino product