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Arduino Compatible NANO I/O Expansion Shield


Part Number: HP-ASH-NANOIO

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Arduino Compatible NANO I/O Expansion Shield

*This product is not produced or endorsed by Arduino.

The Arduino Nano I/O Sensor Shield acts as an expansion board for the Arduino Nano and DFRduino Nano microcontrollers. There are several different options for power input. The form factor of the Nano I/O Shield board is the same as the Arduino UNO/arduino Leonardo. In addition, the sensor shield adopts Gravity interface that each pinout includes 5V and GND pins for easy connection to Gravity sensors or servos. To the best compatibility, the shield supports jumper wires for rapid prototyping.

This unit comes fully assembled. The board also has a space specifically for the DFRobot bluetooth module and ACP220. Several I2C pins are also expanded. The arduino nano shield has independent power supply to provide extra power for servo and other sensors.


  • Digital output pins
  • Analog output pins
  • Independent power port
  • Servo power port
  • Support Bluetooth & APC220 module

Included with the package:

  • Arduino Compatible NANO I/O Expansion Shield x 1


  • Power supply: +5V
  • Size: 69x54mm (2.7 x 2.1 in)

NOTE: There are three jumper caps on the shield (APC/Bluetooth module serial jumper caps). When you want to power the shield with usb cable, please move 'GND' jumper cap to Servo power selection port. When you want to use external servo power, please move the jumper cap back. Or it will damage your microcontroller