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Arduino Compatible USB Tiny ISP Programmer with Download Cable

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Part Number: HP-AUSB-ISP

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Arduino Compatible USB Tiny ISP Programmer with Download Cable

*This product is not produced or endorsed by Arduino. This USBtinyISP is one of the most popular and low cost USB AVR programmer. ISP stands for in-system programming. It is open-source, easy to make, and simple to use programmer that works seamlessly with avrdude. It's all you need to program any of your Atmel AVR processors. It's been tested under Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Perfect for students and beginners who want to do lots of projects with different Atmel AVR processors.

Comes with a 6pin & 10 pin ISP ribbon cables. Using this programmer and avrdude you can program any in-circuit "serial" programmable chip that avrdude supports (which is nearly all of them). It does not do JTAG or High Voltage programming. You can re-program Arduino's (and 'minimal arduinos') using this programmer. It cannot program chips with more than 64K of flash, such as the Atmega1280/1281, or Atmega2560/2561.


  • AVRdude compatible - support for usbtiny
  • USB drivers available for Windows using libusb, no drivers needed for Mac OS X or Linux
  • High speed! Max clock rate is 400KHz. Write speed:1Kb/s, read speed: 2Kb/s. (Atmega8 takes 8s to write, 4s to read/verify)
  • I/O is buffered to allow programming of 2V-6V targets
  • Works with any AVR ISP chip with 64K of flash (or less) - does not work with Atmega1281/1280/2561/2560

Included with the package:

  • Arduino Compatible USB Tiny ISP Programmer with Download Cable x 1


  • Input: Tiny USB
  • Output: 6pin/10 pin 

Note:Works with: AVRDUDE, AVRSTUDIO v4.13 or later versions (using a workaround)and WINAVR.