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Fixed XT60 3.5mm Connector with housing (4 Female + 4 Housing)


Part Number: HP-CONXT60L-04F

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Hyperion keeps you connected!

Hyperion fixed XT60 female connectors are made from High temperature nylon and feature a tigh fit design, preventing accidental loosening in flight. The gold plated spring connectors are inserted in the injection mould at the time when forming the connector making for a connector that gives a highly reliable and solid high amp connection. No need to add heat shrink tubes now, the connectors come with housing protectors, to cover the solder joints and also protect from short circuit and add extra area to grip while connecting and disconnecting. The connector is perfect for application requiring current upto 60A and comes with + and - markings for easy identification.

Included with the package:

  • Fixed XT60 3.5mm Connector with housing (4 Female + 4 Housing) x 1


  • Material: High Temp Nylon
  • Connector size: 3.5mm bullet
  • Max Current rating: 60A