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Mini PDB with 12V Linear Regulator (RF Filtered)

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This PDB is special designed to be used on FPV Quadcopters that support a 3~4S LiPo battery.

This power distribution board is perfect for any camera that operates 7v~13v, Continuous power consumption is rated 12v @ 500mA. In the case that you are using a 4S LiPo input you may also power 12V LED Boards, or other 12V external device.

The Camera output channel supports cameras without any need for additional RF filter. The output from this channel is also voltage ripple free.


  • Input voltage range: 7~13V DC (3S-4S LiPo)
  • 12V @500mA Continuous rated (Linear Regulator)
  • Heavy-duty 2oz copper board
  • PCB Size: 40*22mm
  • PCB Mounting Hole: 24mm/ 3mm hole
  • Weight: 3g