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Linear Regulator 12V 300mA with RF Filter

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The Hyperion 3S to 6S, 12V 300mA Linear Regulator and distribution board is the perfect solution for your 250 sized FPV racers or even larger multirotors where space is limited. The Linear regulator has a wide input voltage range and also provides additional tabs to power your on board camera.

The linear regulator is manufactured from 2oz copper foil which enables it to withstand much greater currents.


  • Supports 3 ~ 6S LiPoly batteries
  • 12V linear regulator provides power for camera or 12V LED
  • 2oz copper foil, can withstand larger current
  • Built-in RF Filter


  • Working Voltage: 11.1 ~ 22.v (3~6S LiPoly)
  • Linear Output Voltage: 12V (4~6s), accuracy 2.5%
  • Linear Output Current: 500mA (4s), 200mA (6s)
  • Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 3mm
  • Weight: 3g