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Losi 3mm x 6mm Socket Head Screw


Part Number: AH-LOSA6201

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Available: 2 Shipping Info*

Losi Socket Head Screw, 3mm x 6mm (10) LOSA6201 is compatible with LOS03002, LOS03003, LOS03004, LOS03015T1, LOS03015T2, LOS04010, LOS04011, LOSA0011, LOSA0015, LOSA0095, LOSA0096, LOSA0285, LOSA0287, LOSB0012LE, LOSB0101, LOSB0102, LOSB0104, LOSB0104BD, LOSB0104T1, LOSB0104T2, LOSB0106, LOSB0106BD, LOSB0107, LOSB0108, LOSB0109, LOSB0109JS, LOSB0110, LOSB0112, LOSB0113, LOSB0115, LOSB0122, LOSB0289, TLR0022, TLR0023, TLR03002, TLR03003, TLR03004, TLR03006, TLR03009, TLR03010, TLR03011, TLR03013, TLR03014, TLR03015, TLR03016, TLR03017, TLR03018