TLR 22 2.0: Front Pivot, 25 deg, 50 gram, Brass


Part Number: AH-TLR334020

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The Product Development Team and Team Losi Racing Team has been constantly testing over the summer and found there to be some substantial performance advantages when adding weight to the front end of the 22 2wd vehicles on very high grip surfaces like carpet of Astro Turf. When adding the 50g Brass pivot to the 22 2wd vehicle, the additional weight on the front provides more steering low speed, and more stability high speeds since the weight transfer is not as extreme (the front end is already loaded). The Brass pivot fits with no other parts requires, and does NOT use the front hinge pin brace used with the standard pivots (to make it as heavy as possible).

Key Features
  • The 50g brass pivot adds a substantial amount of weight directly over the front axles.
  • Precision CNC machined from heavy air-craft grade Brass.
  • Laser Etched with clear markings of degree angle and weight.
  • Requires no other parts of custom modifications.
Compatible Products

Team Losi Racing Front Pivot, 25 deg, 50 gram, Brass: 22 2.0 TLR334020 is compatible with TLR03011, TLR03015, TLR03017