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Hyperion QAV 220 Quadcopter Kit (Carbon Fiber)

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Part Number: HP-FPQAV220

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The QAV 220 FPV racing quadcopter is a strong and finely-tuned carbon-fibre quadcopter frame with 5" arms designed for high-performance in competition drone racing. This frame has removable arms deployed in an X configuration. The arms can be quickly replaced in the pits, incase of damage. The bare airframe weight is just 100gms.


  • Full 3K carbon-fibre with solid 2mm main plate and 4mm thick arms
  • Single-tool support to enable quick-swapping of arms in the pits
  • Corrosion resistance steel screws
  • Textured surface easy-grip spacers
  • Neoprene landing pads to soften landings
  • Multiple motor mounting holes to support a variety of motors (M3 and M2 screw mounting patterns)
  • Bumpers on the ends of the arms for motor protection
  • Cover plate includes cutouts for SMA connector and video transmitter and a holder for the included XT60 fly lead
  • Easy battery access (1300mAh 3s or 1300mAh 4s recommended)
  • Support for 26mm to 32mm board cameras
  • Capable of carrying HD camera's using optional vibration mount (not included)

Included in the package:

  • Carbon-fibre frame parts
  • 4mm arms x 4
  • Camera mount x 1
  • Set of black steel screws and aluminium hardware including knurled spacers x 1
  • silicon grommet x 1
  • Neoprene landing pads x 4

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