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Diatone Crusader GT2 150 Mini Race Multicopter PNF (Grey)

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Part Number: DT-CRUSADERGT2-150

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Innovative FPV Racer from Diatone Innovations

Diatone, the leader in FPV racing quadcopters, introduces the Crusader GT2 series. The GT2 series is a complete redesign from the ground up and optimized not only the frame but the electronics too. The GT2 series uses a one piece carbon fiber design and reduced motor arm width to decrease wind resistance. The Improved GOPro convertible mount and use of HS1177 with 90 degree rotation is a complete new innovation.

The Crusader GT2 series's is a result of Diatone's new inhouse design and development team. The major focus was in the field of radio and power circuit along with Software. Also Diatone tied up with SunnySky, to develop the D-Silver series high power motor, a complete breakthrough in brushless motor technology. The new motor design features a hollow steel shaft with japanese NMB bearings to satisy the working load conditions.

The 202X and 302X ESC's incorporate the high performance EFM8BB21 50Mhz MCU with BLHeli bootloader and BLHeli_S firmware. The large aluminium alloy heat sink and silicone grease instead of Silica gel give a better phase change for heat disipation. The 302X MOS has super low internal resistance of 0.00095ohms resulting in heat degree of 60% of IRFH7440 and 50% of TPH2R306NH. In circumstance of same motor, propeller and voltage, low internal resistance means less energy loss and high tensile foce.

The New DLink F3 Flight controller is a mature system, thanks to the VSTM32 F303 processor's good performance. The FC retains it size and shape and integrate PDB and BEC for convenient user. Gold plated soldering pads ensure good performance. The FC uses 4oz.copper and 6 layer PCB with result weight of 9.2gms.The included SP3 5.8ghx 48channel VTX comes with built in OSD, supports 6S lipo and 5v300ma BEC.

Overall the Crusader series has made it possible to house the complete electronics in a single compact frame and still manage to keep the Center of Gravity low.


  • One piece Carbon Fiber frame design and improved electronics
  • Improved GoPro3+/GoPro4 mount and HS1177 700TVL SONY camera with 90 degree tilt
  • D-Silver 1408 4000KV motors with hollow steel shaft and NMB bearings
  • 202X 20A BLHeli_S ESC's feature low internal resistance and high performance
  • Dlink Flight controller features built in 4S/120A PDB.
  • SP3 48 channel VTX with built in OSD and 5V BEC
  • Aluminium Alloy CNC crafted Rapid change battery holder

Included in the package:

  • Diatone Crusader GT2 150 FPV Racing Drone x 1


  • Width: 150mm
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Motor mount hole: 16/19mm
  • Weight: 0.19kg (6.70oz)

Note: this is the PNP (Plug and Play) version that comes without battery, charger, receiver or remote control.