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3x3 Bullnose Style Prop Black (CW&CCW 4 pairs)

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Part Number: HP-P03030BSET4

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Hyperion Bull nose prop's have more surface area and will create more thrust. The extra material, weight, and resistance further from the hub draws higher amperage but also aids in braking properties when alternating quickly between high and low throttle.

Primarily bullnose props are an answer to small racing frames that limit the clearance for props and give you the most thrust possible for that size.

Hyperion's Bullnose propellers have set the gold standard in the mini to micro class Multirotor community, known for their durability, great balancing, superb performance and expendable price.

The Bullnose props come packaged in pairs of 2,4 and 12, with CW rotation and CCW rotation. There is a wide range of color options that can be mixed and matched to help with flight orientation. Choose your colors accordingly.

Included in the package:

  • CW rotation x 4
  • CCW rotation x 4


  • Size: 3030 (3x3)
  • Color: Black
  • Center Hub: 5mm
  • Material: Glass and Nylon fiber composite