DALPROP T5045C 5x4.5 Three Blade Prop Crystal Orange (CW & CCW 2 Pairs)


Part Number: DAL-T5045CCOTRISET2

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High Quality Propellers from DALPROPS

DAL prop introduces a new design in 5 inch 3 blade propeller for mini quad racing. The high end Cyclone series of 3 blade propellers with unique crystal color finish. The innovative Cyclone tip design features faster reaction, easier cornering and less noise and excellent aerodynamics makes it best suited for drone racing. This propeller really gives a blast due to its excellent high quality feature. The propellers are very well balanced and are virtually unbreakable making it last considerably longer. Standard Hole diameter of the propeller is 5 mm and fits most standard 2204 to 2206 motors without adapter ring. The propellers comes in pairs of 2 and 3 color options to choose from for easy orientation. The Crystal color adds a super glossy finish compare to regular matte finish propellers and also aid in reducing drag.

Included in the package:

  • CW rotation x 2
  • CCW rotation x 2


  • Size: 5045 (5"x4.5")
  • Color: Crystal Orange
  • Center Hub: 5mm
  • Material: High quality Nylon with fiber composite