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Align 700 102T M1 Helical Autorotation Tail Drive Gear Set AL-H70G012XX

Old Price: $21.49

Special Price: $10.75

Part Number: AL-H70G012XX

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Fits: T-REX 700X/700E/760X/800E

• Brand new low drive gear ratio with high strength and wear resistance,effectively reduce the tail vibration during speedy rotation keeping well tail lock performance and power output to prevent unexpected structure issue.
• Gear Ratio 1:4.43

T-REX 700 Tail Drive Gear Ratio With Main Rotor Speed Table:

Main Blades Tail Blade RPM approx. Tail Drive Gear Front Drive Gear Drive Gear Ratio
700 106 2150 ~ 2200 RPM 102T 23T 8.46/1/4.43
700 106 2000 ~ 2150 RPM 104T 22T 8.46/1/4.73
700 106 < 2000 RPM 105T 20T 8.46/1/5.25
For your safety, please pay attention to the above 2200 RPM, incorrect excess 2200 RPM may result in damage to the helicopter or injury the porperty of others.


  • • 102T M1 Autorotation tail drive gear set x 1
  • • 23T M1 Front drive gear assembly set x 1