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Hyperion Motor Thrust Measuring Stand: ≤59mm motor



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Now know the exact thrust of your motor with the Hyperion's Motor Thrust Stand. Optimize your motor, propeller and ESC combinations easily and know the exact thrust at a glance. Comes with a power analyser to measure your Volts, Amps and Watts. In addition, this clver device can analyze RE (Revolutions Efficiency). It will be good helper to find optimal combination for motor and ESC. A built in throttle regulator is included, no need to hook up your transmitter. Also comes with XT60 connectors for input and output. The stand can handle a wide variety of motors. The high precision thrust sensor can measure from 1g to 5000g of thrust. Measure thrust in oz or gram at the touch of a button.

It has been designed to be ultra-rugged. All components including the heavy duty mounting base are made from CNC machined aluminium alloy. Holes in the base means it can be secured to a table or work bench easily.

Designed to accept a variety of motors with the included motor mount adapters, upto 59mm outrunner. A bright, two LCD screens display thrust and power systems measurements. This is one of those tools that a hobbyist must have, specially when you have a lot of motors and propellers lying around. Plug and play system, no more guess work.


  • Precise digital speed monitoring, instead of the traditional laser monitoring.
  • High Precision Thrust sensor for accurate reading from 1g to 5000g
  • Motor pole pair selection scope and can be compatible with most of the inner and outer motor in the market.
  • Large Blue LCD screen displays Real Time current,Peak Amps, Peak Watts, Kv, Real time Voltage, RE*(Revolution Efficiency) and etc.
  • Large LCD screen displays thrust in a variety of measurement(oz/gm) units
  • Large and small motor mount adapters included
  • Heavy duty mounting base
  • No more Guess work with included Power Analyser
  • Plug n Play design
  • 5v in for Opto Esc
  • XT60 Connectors for input and output
*RE is Revolutions Efficiency that is used to confirm whether the motor or ESC is consistent with the product performance.

Items required to complete:

  • 5-60V Lipo pack with XT60 (For Power Meter)


  • Motor Size: 11mm~59mm(Outrunner Motor)
  • Maximum value test thrust: 5000g /177oz
  • Unit Increments: 1g/.001oz
  • Sensor Power Supply: 3V (Main battery supply)
  • Max RPM displayed value: 999999
  • Max KV displayed value: 9999
  • Motor poles (pole pairs) selection scope: 2、3、4、6、7、8、10、12、14、16
  • Max Current: 100A
  • Max Wattage: 6500W
  • Max Input Voltage: 60V
  • Unit Dimensions: L198xW140xH81mm
  • Weight: 685g
  • 1. Maximum measure current of this tester is up to 100A, also depends of which connector such as XT60 current limit, if the test current more than 80A, should be stopped ASAP.
  • 2. In order to accurate detection of RPM and KV values, must be choose the right PP(Poles) of motor, Please consult with your motor supplier.