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22 3.0: Gear Case Set: 3-Gear Dirt Laydown


Part Number: AH-TLR332063

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Hyperion, your Horizon Hobby authorized distributor in Japan


The TLR Race Team has been further developing the laydown conversion for the 22 3.0 buggy, and has found that a standard diff height and roll center setup works best for clay and dirt type tracks. This allows racers to run ride heights between 22-25mm and have the correct roll center and dog bone plunge. It has helped our team take the TQ and win at the 2016 ROAR Nationals, the 3rd National Title for the 22 buggy.

Key Features

  • Requires TLR338004 conversion kit to convert TLR03006 22 3.0 Race kit
  • Requires use of 67mm CVA driveshaft bones, and standard axle height 22 rear hubs (TLR234058 or TLR334014)
  • Includes left gear case, right gear case, 3x motor place spacers and machined aluminum motor plate
  • Precision machined from delrin for perfect gear mesh
  • Lowers the diff 3.5mm from the laydown conversion transmission cases, which creates more rear grip when running ride height above 22mm