Hyperion 33x21cm Heat-resistant Silicone Work Mat



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The Hyperion Heat Resistant Silicon work mat is a another must have tool in your workshop. This work mat comes in a size of 33cmx21cm and comfortably allows you to work with sensitive electronic devices. The work mat is Anti Static that means, you can work with expensive components without fear of dissipating static electricity from your body. Human static discharge can render some electronic components beyond repair. And yes it is Heat resistant upto 300deg C, so you can solder/desolder pcbs, components without burning your work bench.

This mat features molded compartments on one side for easy placing of components and screws in separate compartments and not mixing them all, making for easy sorting and assembly. Further the Anti skid base ensures that you are not moving across the work bench along with the components. Hobbyists and DIY lovers will love this product and definitely want to have one. Perfectly suited for mobile repair workshops, Electronic assembly repairs, computer and laptop repairs etc.


  • High quality heat resistant silicone
  • Highly Anti-Static Rubberized material, eliminates static discharge from your body
  • Anti skid base
  • Molded compartments for easy placing of components

Included with the package:

  • Hyperion Heat Resistant Silicone Work Mat x 1


  • High temperature coefficient: 230 - 300 deg C
  • Size: 33 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 390 g