Skywalker EVE-2000 2240mm FPV PNP

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Skywalker, Manufacturer of Professional FPV Aircraft Model

The EVE-2000 is Skywalker's latest masterpiece that acts as long-range cruise professional aerial surveillance aircraft. Not surprisingly, it is called “Aerial Carrier”. The aircraft's industrial design is based on computer simulation and specialized wind tunnel modeling. Taking advantage of aerodynamics principle's, the EVE-2000 has smooth and beautiful body lines, as well prove to be a stable flying platform. Equipped with professional equipment, you can enjoy stable and smooth flying experience.

The design of the plane is quite interesting and the internal space of the fuselage is simply mind boggling. You can fit A LOT of gear in there... and it will carry it. The wings are pretty good, very stiff and attach quite securely to the fuselage. Assembly and disassembly does not require any tools, and is made in just three easy steps - detach one wing, detach the other, remove the spars... done! All of that is made possible by the wing connectors, which make wiring very easy and clean. FPV flyers can modify the large cabin space at their will, and which can accept a IPAD 3 directly. With aggressive outlines and the most reasonable aerodynamic performance design, it has been a continuous effort to keep up with the best in technology. Twin electric motors ensure that you have enough power to lift any load and also give control authority in flying. Plywood plates used to reinforce controls and optional Flaps to make your landings easy.

Through a large number of optimization, design and repeated flight testing, the EVE-2000 has proven to be the best FPV platform ever built and can assure high quality flying. Aerial mission's in complex environment with real-time dynamic control system installed in the fuselage is now easy possible.


  • Tough EPO Foam wings, fuselage and tail
  • Laser cut plywood parts included for extra reinforcement
  • Large space, accepts 6S 12000mah lipos x 2, for long endurance FPV flights
  • Pod and Boom style fuselage for easy assembly
  • Large central Hatch for access to fpv equipment
  • Carbon fiber tube for main spar and tail boom
  • Modular kit design for easy assembly
  • Wing connectors make wing assembly easy means no wires hanging
  • Large T-tail contributes to clean and efficient flight

Included with the package:

  • Skywalker EVE-2000 2240mm FPV PNP x 1
  • Motor 2816 650KV x 2
  • ESCs 40A x 2
  • Servos 12g x 4
  • 10 x 6 Propellers 3 Blade x 2
  • Accessories x 1

Items required to complete:

  • Radio: 4-5 Channels TX/RX
  • Battery: 5S-6S 10000-16000mah
  • FPV equipment


  • Wing span: 2240mm
  • Fuselage length: 1270mm
  • Wing area: 759.5 sq. inch
  • Flying weight 3800g-4600g
  • Radio: 4-5 Channels (Not included)
  • Battery 5S-6S 10000-16000mah (Not included)
  • C.G.: 80-85mm behind the leading edge
  • Takeoff: Hand Launch, catapult assist
  • Landing: Belly landing on Glide down
  • Air speed: 60-80km/h
  • Max flying time: 120-160min
  • Max flight level: 6000m

Note: This is PNP version, FPV euipment is not included.