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Skywalker 1720mm FPV ARF (2017 version)

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Part Number: SW-SKYWALKER1720

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Skywalker, Manufacturer of Professional FPV Aircraft Model

Skywalker 1720, the global classic and special-purpose FPV aerial vehicle, has been new upgraded. It has high efficiency T-tail fin with supports and strong aerodynamic performance. The horizontal stab is on the top to keep away from fuselage's interference and increase its stability. It has big wingspan to enable heavy load and stable flying. The fact it can take up to 12 inch props is a good thing too so that u can put a lower Kv motor on and get better efficiency out of it for the longer flights.

The build process is reasonably simple with ample amounts of internal space to install your choice FPV and flight controller. In addition to being a great FPV platform, the Skywalker 1720mm is an excellent beginners model due to the high mounted wings in a glider configuration. The airframe is supplied as a kit only, allowing you to fit it out with the equipment of your choice.


  • Tough EPO Foam wings, fuselage and tail
  • Laser cut plywood parts included for extra reinforcement
  • Pod and Boom style fuselage for easy assembly
  • Front hatch for easy access to fpv equipment
  • Carbon fiber tube for main spar and tail boom
  • Modular kit design for easy assembly
  • Detachable T-tail contributes to easy storage and clean and efficient flight
  • Rubber band mounted wing helps reduce damage during abrupt arrivals

Included with the package:

  • Skywalker 1720mm FPV ARF (2017 version) x 1

Items required to complete:

  • Radio: 4 Channel minimum TX/RX
  • Battery: 14.8V 5500mah
  • Servo: 12g x 4pcs
  • Propeller: 11x6-12x6
  • Motor: 2820 780~850kv
  • ESC: 45A~60A


  • Wing span: 1720mm
  • Fuselage length: 1300mm
  • Wing area: 607 sq. inch
  • Flying weight: 2200-2500g
  • C.G: 75-76mm behind the leading edge
  • Radio: 4 Channels min
  • Motor: 2820 780-850KV
  • ESC: 45A-60A
  • Servo: 12gx4pcs
  • Propeller: 11x6-12x6
  • Battery: 4S 5500mah
  • Takeoff: Hand launch
  • Landing: Belly landing on Glide
  • Air speed: 40km/h
  • Max flying time: 30-90min
  • Max height level: 5000m

Note: This is ARF version, electronics not included.