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Triple Pack Parallel Charge Adapter for Inspire 1/Phantom 3

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Part Number: M1-DJI3PCHRGBV2

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The Triple Pack Parallel Charging board is for use with DJI Inspire/Phantom batteries. It is a versatile and affordable solution for people who want to charge batteries simultaneously using the original DJI charger. No more waiting, simply plug your batteries and forget. The board comes with safety features and ensures that your batteries do not overcharge. Cuts down your time charging time, and charges 3 batteries in same duration taken to charge just one battery. Convenient and easy to use, no programing needed. Just hook it to the DJI charger and plug your batteries.


  • Economic solution to charge 3 batteries at once
  • Works off the original DJI charger
  • Voltage display LED indicator
  • On/OFF switch for powering on
  • Optional Charge socket for use with 26V 15A Power supply adaptors

Included with the package:

  • Triple Pack Parallel Charge Adapter for Inspire 1/Phantom 3 x 1


  • Input voltage: Original DJI Charger or 26V 15A adaptor


  • Use of this product does not shorten charging time, it takes same time as 3 batteries charged separately and simultaneously
  • Simplifies the Charging process. You can just plug all 3 batteries on charge while sleeping
  • This product does not cause any damage to the lipos, it creates a parallel connection
  • Smart lipos have their own built-in management circuit, only need proper voltage for charging
  • The three white cubic stuffs are cement resistors and make the charging process more stable. DO NOT TOUCH as they may get warm or even hot during charging
  • ON/OFF switch is for use with the original DJI charger, which is optional but highly recommended. Not needed if using optional socket
  • The LED voltage indicator is only for reference and does not display remaining capacity, charging time