Portable Hyperion Soldering Iron 30W w/ LCD Info Display (3S LiPo Powered)



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Remember the last time you were at the field and needed to solder your broken connection - but no one had a soldering iron handy? Now this portable Hyperion 3S LiPo powered 30W Soldering Iron will fix your connection in minutes and you can be back flying. This portable tool is a great addition to your field box for on-field repairs. Operating at 12VDC, this soldering iron can be powered by any standard 3S LiPo battery. It comes pre-fitted with an XT60 plug allowing you to easily connect to any 3S LiPo battery. Features a mini Wattmeter with LCD display to show you the input Volt/Amps during use. A quick way to know your battery voltage.

Avoid frustrating moments on the field due to dry, broken solder connections. No need to hunt for an AC outlet on the field, everyone has a 3S LiPo battery in their field box, so you'll always have power for your Soldering Iron! This tool is a must have for all RC enthusiasts especially FPV racers, save your day due to broken connections!


  • Portable & easy to carry
  • Works off 3S LiPo ( 11~13V DC)
  • 30W output, Low current consumption
  • Mini Wattmeter with LCD display for real-time Volt/Amp use
  • XT60 connector preinstalled
  • Great for On field repairs

Included with the package:

  • Portable Hyperion Soldering Iron 30W w/ LCD Info Display (3S LiPo Powered) x 1


  • Operating Voltage: 11 ~ 13V DC
  • Power: 30Watt
  • Max Current: 2.5~3A
  • Connector: XT60

Note: This Soldering Iron does not features a low voltage cutoff circuit, but comes with a LCD meter for real-time display of volts/amps used. We recommend using a low voltage battery alarm to monitor the input battery to avoid over-discharging.

Caution: Do not plug in 4~6S LiPo, will damage heating coil and render the iron useless.