Replacement Non-Stick Glass Wax Paper for Malyan M200 3D printer

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When 3D printing, it’s vital to ensure good adhesion of your print to the build plate. If the print does not stick well to the build plate, there’s a chance that it will become loose and that the print will fail. To achieve good adhesion, the print surface needs to be smooth and clean. There should be no traces of oil, grease or fingerprints on the build plate. Some materials may require an adhesive on the build plate (e.g. glue). The Non-Stick Wax coated Glass Paper solves this problem and assures nonstick 3d prints. Simply tape the sheet on the heatbed of your printer and the nonstick wax surface will ensure that your 3d print not only adheres well but does not stick permanently to the heatbed. Simple and replaceable cost effective solution. This sheet is for use with the Malyan M200 3D printer only.


  • Non stick Wax coated Glass surface
  • Replaceable and cost effective
  • 10x10cm sheet

Included with the package:

  • Replacement Non-Stick Glass Wax Paper for Malyan M200 3D printer x 1


  • Material: Wax coated Glass paper
  • Size: 10x10cm

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