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Rubber Eye Piece for Hyperion Thinview Goggle

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Part Number: HP-FPGOGV1EP

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This rubber moulded eyepiece is an upgraded version and specially designed to fit the Hyperion Thinview goggles, giving FPV pilots a more clear illuminated view without any blindspot. The rubber/silicon mix eyepiece has pre moulded sockets that fit the Thinview goggles like a glove and gives a soft feel making FPV viewing more comfortable. Its a one size fit all design that fills the gaps between a FPV pilots face and the goggles. The extra large lip area on the outer side covers the face completely thus eliminating external light entry into the view area and creating a pitch dark environment required by every pilot for immersive drone flying experience.

FPV goggles have a standard size and seldom do not match every individual face structure. The rubber eyepiece fills the gap between the facial contours and blocks external light when used outdoors. Unlike other brands that supply a flat faceplate, this design along with the Thinview goggle looks sleek and lightweight making it comfortable to wear for long duration use. Upgrade your Thinview goggle today and feel the difference!!


  • New upgraded design with moulded sockets
  • Extra large lip area blocks light completely
  • Rubber/silicone mix for soft feel
  • Sleek and lightweight

Included with the package:

  • Rubber Eye Piece for Hyperion Thinview Goggle x 1


  • Material: Rubber Silicon mix
  • Color: Black

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