It is the goal of Shorai Direct to deliver Shorai LFX batttery products to our customers at the lowest possible prices. These product are extremely reliable. On average, less than one-half of one percent (<1/200) of LFX batteries experience a failure that cannot be directly attributed to user neglect, misuse, or inappropriate application (wrong battery in vehicle, etc). In short, if you take reasonable care of your Shorai LFX battery, the chances are quite low that you will ever experience a problem. As such, we strongly recommend that our customers visit the Install & Care Guides page, and in particular carefully read the Care Tips sheet.

It is expensive to provide warranty coverage: shipping the product back for inspection, staff time to diagnose the battery condition and cause of failure, and return shipping of product for valid claims often total more than the cost of the product itself. So - when a standard warranty is forced on everyone - all the people who take care of their battery pay for those who do not, and we don't think that is fair.

Therefore, Shorai Direct offers three levels of warranty coverage:

  • One Month - Products are deeply discounted from Shorai regular retail price. Coverage 35 days from delivery to customer, based on FedEx tracking information.
  • One Year - Products are largely discounted from Shorai regular retail price. Coverage 365 days from delivery to customer, based on FedEx tracking information.
  • Two Year - Products are approximately equal to Shorai regular retail price. Coverage 730 days from delivery to customer, based on FedEx tracking information.

Warranty coverage applies only to defects in materials or workmanship in the product, or when fault cannot be ascertained. In the event of a claim, Shorai Direct staff will require you to take pictures of the defective battery. On reception of the battery pictures in question, Shorai Direct will determine within 5 business days the condition of the battery. If abuse or misapplication is discovered, replacement and/or return shipping cost is to be borne by the customer. In the event a defect is found - or fault cannot be ascertained - Shorai Direct will provide a replacement battery and return shipping free of charge to the customer.

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Please also note that in many cases Shorai has a "standard" battery model for a particular vehicle, and also has a "duration" version of larger capacity. Choosing the duration version is one good way to maximize the reliability and lifespan of your battery, as the larger batttery is always less stressed in the same vehicle, and has more reserve capacity to avoid over-discharge situations, such as leaving the vehicle unused for long periods of time.

If you do not find your vehicle in our Battery Finder, please contact us for advice as to appropriate battery model.

Please note:

  • Shorai Direct is selling at large discounts, and cannot not offer technical support after the chosen warranty period has expired.
  • All sales are considered final, without right of return.
  • Shorai Direct Sales (HK) is NOT owned or operated by Shorai Inc. (USA), makers of the Shorai LFX Battery products.
  • Shorai Inc. USA has NO responsibility for service, support, or warranty for Shorai LFX products sold via this website, Shorai Direct Sales (HK).

Conditions which void warranty:

  • Opening the battery case
  • Applications Not Listed on the Shorai website product finder such as: Aircraft, Automotive, or battery used as a main power source, not engine starter.
  • Over-voltage charging, or other error by charger or user setting of charger.
  • Use in excess of cranking (CCA) specifications
  • Short circuit of main terminals or BMS port
  • Improper connections to the 5-pin BMS port
  • Over-discharge (i.e. resting voltage allowed to fall below 12.8V/6.4V for Lfx 12V/6V types)
  • Physical Damage to the battery occurring after purchase (impact, etc)