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Sky Cruiser 2400 v2 w/Flaps (4S version) - 2.4m

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Part Number: TP-SKYCRUISE2400V2

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Start cruising the skies with the Skycruise 2400 V2 from TopRC, an upgraded big brother of the popular Skysurfer, but comes with major improvements. Stay airborne for hours with its large 2.4m wingspan while the built in flaps will make landings smooth & gentle. This model requires a 6 channel radio for effective use of all controls. The Skycruise 2400 will fulfill your needs of a trainer, soarer and also makes for an excellent FPV platform. ALL in one model! For rocket like performance install a 4S lipo and gain heights in seconds. Available in two power systems, Propeller and EDF. Both power packs can be swapped in minutes. One can expect different flight performance from either setup. (This is a V2 version model with propeller power system)

In spite of its big size, modular design EPO construction makes assembly easy. The major design features are Plug in type wings, locked in place with a plastic screw. Detachable horizontal and vertical tail, makes it easy to carry and maintain. Convenient camera location provided on front nose for unobstructed FPV performance. Conveniently located Air intake and vent holes provide for better heat dissipation and ensure long life to electronics and power system. Transparent removable canopy with scale pilot figure add to the realism and gives access to electronics inside.

Skycruise 2400 V2 is reinforced with additional laser cut composite parts, provides strength to the airframe without adding extra weight. Servo location is now close to the control surfaces, minimizing use of long push rods and improving input reaction time. Improved servo installation with plastic tray and cover for easy maintenance. No more belly landings, a partially recessed wheel in belly acts as a main landing gear and metal tail skid protect against scratches. Skids also provided on the wings to avoid wingtip damages. Large cabin layout accepts high capacity batteries for long endurance flying. This is Plug n Play setup, just install your 6ch radio, FPV setup and add batteries for the longest FPV flight.


  • Modular design with EPO construction
  • Plug in wing with Plastic screw locking
  • Detachable tail plane assembly
  • Laser cut ply parts for extra strength
  • Convenient FPV camera location on nose
  • Large cabin layout for maximum pay load carrying capability
  • Servos located close to controls surfaces
  • Plastic tray and cover for wing servos
  • Air intake and exit for better heat dissipation
  • Partially recessed Belly landing wheel & metal tail skid
  • Skids on bottom side of wings
  • ESC with 4S Lipo support for rocket performance
  • Available in two power pack versions Propeller & EDF (This is a propeller power system version)
  • Transparent removable canopy with scale pilot figure

Included with the package:

  • Sky Cruise 2400 V2(propeller version+6ch with flaps)/4S x 1


  • Wingspan: 2400mm(94.49")
  • Length: 1518mm(59.77")
  • Weight: 2250~2300g
  • Motor: AT3010-920KV
  • ESC: 40A Brushless ESC
  • Servo: 17gx6pcs
  • Propeller: 8x6inch
  • R/C System: 2.4Ghz, 6ch radio (Not included)
  • Battery: 3-4S, 3600mah, 11.1V/14.8V, 20C (Not included)


  • This is PNP version and includes Motor, ESC and servos. Requires 6ch transmitter,¬†receiver, Lipo battery and Lipo charger
  • This is a V2 version model with propeller power system

FAA registration required