Standard Hot-Shot 2 1500 mAh Sanyo NiCd 2-1/4" shaft


Part Number: GP-HCAP2520

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It's the next step up in starting science: a combo that brings together the proven power of Sanyo, the #1 name in NiCds, with the Twist-and-Lock connector, the easiest and most efficient glow plug holder ever known.

Push it in place and with a twist of the wrist, it's locked in place with a grip that vibration can't break, delivering sure starting power that can't be denied. But twist it back, and it slips free for storage and the next time around.


  • A solid, secure connection
  • Safer starts
  • Faster starts
  • Long-lasting reliability
  • Powerful, pocket- and palm-sized, for simple use and compact storage.
  • Available with a 2" shaft for most plug applications, or a 3" shaft designed to reach the most deep-seated plugs
  • Included socket caps prevent shorting, and fouling from dirt, dust and other field/pit-box debris.
  • 110VAC wall charger included in all models for easy overnight recharging.