Sunly Alpha CAM 4K HD Camera Mini Drone w/APP

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Get away with conventional controls, fly with gesture and voice control with the Sunly Alpha CAM mini drone. A mini palm size drone, which is almost the size of an iPhone 6s Plus. It is compact, light and uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor for Flight control. Equipped with a compatible GLONASS GPS with auxiliary AGPS for accurate & precise position hold when flying outdoors. Optical flow and Infrared visual positioning sensors for safe indoor flying. Simple to operate and intelligent modes make flying and filming easy for both beginner and experts. One touch key function for takeoff, land and auto Return incase of low battery or signal failure.

The drone does not come with a physical remote control and has to be connected via Wi-Fi to your smart phone. The special mobile phone app can provide three operating modes, which includes: voice control, touch screen operation and somatosensory (pressure or warmth) manipulation. The voice control is something fresh in the drone industry, where the user can give instructions and can control the drone.

The Alpha CAM aerial camera is equipped with Sony CMOS sensor, 90-degrees angle lens and supports 4K ultra-high-definition video recording and saves photos at 13MP. It has a three-axis electronic anti-shock system to stabilize the screen. A Smart Drone in a Small Package with 20 minutes flying time and an extra battery included to double your flying times. Get your personal smart photographer and shoot moments anytime and anywhere!

Comes with its own Stylish leather container for easy transport and storage. All accessories included like charger, USB cable, Spare propellers, Propeller guards and a spanner for changing propellers. 2 batteries included to keep you airborne for up to 40 minutes flying time!


  • Palm-sized streamlined design
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor for Flight control
  • Optical flow and Infrared sensors for indoor flying
  • 3-Axis electronic image stabilization
  • GPS+GLONASS dual satellite positioning, along with AGPS auxiliary position
  • One touch key function for takeoff, land and return.
  • 4 Channel function with 360° roll action
  • 3 control modes: Motion control, touch control and voice control
  • 13MP HD camera, 4K video, 1080P software stabilized
  • Live preview on smart phone with real time data transmission
  • Double batteries, make your flight time more longer
  • Portable box for easy carrying
  • Smart and Intelligent App control over Wi-Fi

Included with the package:

  • Sunly Alpha CAM 4K HD Camera Mini Drone w/APP x 1
  • Battery x 2
  • USB cable x 1
  • Charger x 1
  • Charger cable x 1
  • Portable box x 1
  • Spare propeller x 4
  • Plastic Motor Grip x 1
  • Propeller guard x 4
  • Document x 3

Aircraft Specifications:

  • Wheelbase: 128x128mm
  • Max. flying time: 20mins
  • Max. Altitude: 3000m
  • Max. Control distance: 100m (In open areas)
  • Wind resistance: 28km/h
  • Position system: GPS+GLONASS
  • Sensors: Optical flow and Infrared
  • Hover Accuracy: Vertical:±0.1m, Horizontal:±0.3m
  • WiFi: 2.4ghz;5Ghz (Default frequency)
  • Battery capacity: 2000mah
  • Nominal voltage: 7.6v
  • Full charge voltage: 8.7v

Camera Specifications:

  • Image sensor: Sony 1/30.6" CMOS
  • Effective pixels: 13 mega pixels
  • Camera Lens: FOV90° ; F/2.2
  • ISO range: 100-3200
  • EV range: -12,-8,-4,0,4,8,12
  • Image format: JPEG
  • Video format: MP4
  • Storage capacity: 16Gb
  • USB interface: Micro USB
  • Video recording: 1080@30fps after EIS on 4K@30fps
  • Shoot mode: Facial recognition, Beauty, Panorama and Time lapse
  • Video mode: Auto follow, 360° Circle

Software App:

  • App Name: Sunly Fly
  • Broadcast resolution: VGA
  • Delay: 160ms
  • Supported mobile devices: Android 4.3& up / IOS 8.0& up