T-Motor Flame 25A 500Hz 2~4S ESC TM-ESCFLAME25A

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The T-Motor Flame 25A Esc employs customized chip which contribute to increase in basic frequency up to 100Mhz and code materialization in hardware. Application of electro magnetic observation technology enables precise inverting and speed change of motor which takes full advantage of square wave drive. All Parameters such as timing, braking, acceleration and direction of rotation can be changed via RC. The best of all, Flame 25A esc is compatible with all prevailing motors in the market.


  • 100Mhz Rapid response
  • 4S LiPo support
  • Superb compatibility
  • Active braking function
  • Peak current 30A, Max. Continuous current 25A
  • Support two throttle signals PWM and Oneshot125
  • Support Max RPM 40000

Included with the package:

  • T-Motor Flame 25A 500Hz 2~4S ESC x 1


  • Input Voltage Min: 6.4V
  • Input Voltage Max: 17.4V
  • Input Voltage Typical: 14.8V
  • PWM Min: 3.0V
  • PWM Max: 5.0V
  • Max Continuous Current: 25A
  • Peak Current (3s): 30A
  • Oneshot125 Signal frequency compatible: 30 - 600Hz
  • Regular Signal frequency combatible: 30-500 Hz
  • Ambient Temp: -10C to 50C
  • Weight:


  • Please read user manual carefully before using ESC, in order to avoid damage through improper use
  • Ensure all wires & joints are well insulated to avoid short circuits
  • Use Solder equipment of good power in order to avoid bad solder joints that can lead to unpredictable results
  • Never lock motors when ESC's are powered on, fatal damage can occur to both ESC & motor
  • Do not use ESC's in high temperature environment, doing so can lead to temperature protection CUT-OFF


  • This ESC is a High power system for use with RC models only, improper use can result in injury to self, others and damage to property.
  • We assume no responsibility for personal injury, property damage or consequential losses resulting from improper use of this product.