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T-Motor Professional 28.2*9.2" Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller for Multicopters

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Part Number: TM-PR282092-FCF

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The new Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller from T-motors bring innovation with the folding technology and patented special downward winglet design. Carbon fiber construction allows for precise thin blade profiles and the downward tiplets decrease vortex and improve overall efficiency which aid in longer flights. Precise Positioning and locking feature allows the blades to lock in place when spread-out and avoid sweepback during rotations. Folding propellers make it convenient for easy storage and transport especially with large multi-rotors. Included central propeller adaptor is specially designed for easy mounting on all T-motors and no separate adaptor is needed, making propeller changes a breeze.

If you own a large multirotor, switch to the new folding design propellers and see the difference for yourself. Get one today and increase the overall efficiency of your craft in flight and on ground as well!


  • T-motor patented design, improves efficiency for longer flights
  • Special Downward Winglet Design reduces tip vortex and improves efficiency
  • Folding design allows for convenient storage and transportation
  • Precise Positioning and locking, to avoid sweepback
  • Carbon fiber construction allows for thin blade profiles
  • Propeller adaptor included

Included with the package:

  • T-Motor Professional 28.2*9.2" Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller for Multicopters x 1 set


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Diameter: 28.2"
  • Pitch: 9.2"