T-Motor U Power U8II 150KV High Efficiency Motor TM-U8II150

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T-motor is a worldwide leading supplier of components and systems for the Aerial photography, Industrial and commercial application in the precision drive technology sector. With outstanding quality products and leading position in the niche market. The 'U Efficiency Type' series motors are specifically designed for multi-rotor applications. They are extremely efficient and run super smooth. Available in various configurations and sizes to suit your needs. Guaranteed reliability and performance with every series of motors. Super efficient in terms of power consumption and excellent thrust to weight ratio when coupled with T motor ESC's and Propellers!

The flight time of U8II series motor is 5% longer than other T-motors with IP55 motor protection for the safe flight. It comes with imported custom silver wires that reduces copper loss and help lower motor heat by 30%. The max thrust of new U8II motors reaches 7.3kg from 5kg with the reduction of the temperature. U8II motor works easily in high temperature with efficient cooling. Imported custom bearings helps to increase the bearing life to 1000h under normal operation. If you are looking for a robust motor that can operate in any environment and also give longer flight times on your big size multi-rotor, then the U8II will not let you down!


  • Robust construction for all weather operation
  • Imported custom silver wire winding, improves current flow and lowers heat
  • NH45UH high grade curved magnets optimize space and improve magnetic circuit
  • Max. Thrust 7.3kg, doubles pay load capacity of any craft
  • Motor protection IP55, for safe flight in any environment
  • Silicon steel sheet stator with special anti-rust treatment
  • Imported custom bearings, increased motor service life up to 1500 flights (40mins/flight)
  • Imported German 7075 aviation aluminum motor base structure
  • No Propeller adaptor needed, easy prop mounting with included accessories

Included with the package:

  • T-Motor U Power U8II 150KV High Efficiency Motor x 1
  • Accessories pack x 1


  • KV: 150
  • Configuration: 36N42P
  • Diameter: 87.1mm
  • Height: 29.1mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 15mm
  • ldle current @18v(A): 1.0A
  • No.of Cells(Lipo): 6-12S
  • Max Continuous current(A)180S: 29.7/26.5 A
  • Max Continuous Power(W)180S: 712.8/1272 W
  • Internal resistance: 85±5Ω
  • Weight (g): 273g (Including cables)
  • Propeller: 28~30"/22"
  • Suitable ESC: Air 40A/Alpha 60A LV/Flame 60A HV/Alpha 60A HV