TOPMODEL CZ Albatros Classic ARF

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The Albatros is one of the most beautiful combinations of classic design and modern technology. The nostalgic shape is perfectly blended with modern building techniques to create an electric sailplane that performs as well as it looks. The white gel-coated fiberglass fuselage combined with classic balsa/ply D-tube wing and carbon/balsa built up tail parts come together to make the Albatros a strong and light model. Do not be fooled by the its retro looks. This model was designed and built to be a 21st century favorite. With its flap equipped, 3 piece wing and full flying elevator the Albatros is one of the most impressive models that we have seen in quite some time. Each part is carefully handcrafted with meticulous attention to every detail. As soon as you open the box, you will find the Top Model build quality that we have come to expect.

Virtually perfect, extremely elegant combination of classic design and modern technology.

The fuselage is reinforced with carbon!

The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic.

Kit contents:

  • Elegant gel-coated white fiberglass fuselage and canopy
  • Three-pieces wing with ailerons and oversized flaps
  • Removeable tail surfaces with carbon spar and leading edge
  • Rear carbon sub spar for added wing strength
  • Expertly covered with Oracover
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Virtually perfect, extremely clean and well made
  • Complete assembly manual with step by step illustrations

Needed to Complete:

  • Radio System: 5+ channel
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Spinner: 40mm
  • Folding Propeller
  • Battery: 3-4S, 3200mAh
  • Servo: 4x HP-DS095-FMD or DS09-AMD - flaps and ailerons; 2x HP-DS20x-GCD – elevator, rudder
  • Compatible charger

Suggested Equipment:

  • Motor: Mega ACn 22/30/3E
  • ESC: SPIN 66
  • Spinner: 40mm
  • Propeller: Aeronaut 12/6,5"" for 4S LiPo; 14/8"" for 3S LiPo
  • Battery: 3-4S, 3200mAh
  • Servo: 4x HS 82MG – flaps and ailerons; 2x HS-485 – elevator, rudder


  • Wingspan: 2960 mm
  • Length: 1385 mm
  • Weight: 1,8-2,4 kg
  • Wing area: 68 dm2
  • Wing loading: 26,5-35,3g/dm2
  • Airfoil: AG
  • Control : Ai+Fl+E+R+(M)

※ Design or color may change depending on production lot without notice.