U-STAR Mini Razor Saw Blade (Long)


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This is the Mini Razor Saw blade (long) set from Ustar, manufacturers of high quality hobby tools and measuring instruments. This Mini razor saw (long) comes in a set of 5 blades and can be used as spares for use with the Ustar Mini Hand Saw. The high quality razor saw blades can be used in inaccessible areas, modelers seldom need to access like enlarging servo trays or cutting Aero grade ply which is not possible with standard hobby knife. The fine pitch teeth make cutting smooth and easy. Can be used directly for small cutting jobs or combined with the Mini Hand Saw handle for multifunction use. Long length for convenient long stroke cutting.


  • 8.5cm length for long stroke cutting
  • Multifunction cutting purpose
  • High quality steel blades for sharp cutting
  • Fine pitch teeth for smooth cutting

Included with the package:

  • U-STAR Mini Razor Saw Blade (Long) x 5


  • Material: High quality steel
  • Blade length: 8.5cm
  • No of blades: 5
  • Weight: 7.5g

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