U-STAR Precision Mini Steel Table Vise

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This is the Precision Mini Steel Table Vise from U-Star, manufacturers of high quality tools and measuring instruments. The Precision Mini Steel Table Vise is small and handy tool a hobbyists can make use of with unlimited imagination. Human fingers are limited to holding objects but when it comes to gripping for a long time they fail and hence the Precision Mini Steel Table Vise comes in handy, it is designed to hold small precision parts. Modelers and Hobbyists seldom work with small and micro parts difficult to hold or clamp. This Vise will hold your part securely while you concentrate on your job. Its that easy, no more fingers getting hurt.

This vice gives year long service and provide crisp precision while holding. The convenient round shaped base makes it easy to hold and a spring loaded Aluminum knurled thumbnut provides the clamping force required. Holes on the base provided for securing to your workbench with screws. The use of this tool is unlimited. This is a maintenance free tool and will give years of service and shape to your creativity. The Precision Mini Steel Table Vise is one tool you will love to have in your collection. Get one today.


  • Reinforced Plastic Casing
  • Flat top, parallel jaw design.
  • Small size, good for handheld use
  • Knurled Aluminum Thumb Nut for clamping
  • Can be secured to table with screws

Included with the package:

  • U-STAR Precision Mini Steel Table Vise x 1

?Steel is used only inside as a weight.


  • Weight: 68g
  • Dimensions: 60 x 55 x 40mm
  • Color: Black